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Destruction of Troy

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images. A freehand narrative architectural drawing depicting my interpretation of the destruction of the gates of Troy during the Trojan War. The drawing itself is drawn freehand with a mechanical pencil. I spent around 1350 hours drawing it over the course of three years. It is 10 feet long by 3 feet tall. The monster to the right of "Destruction of Troy" represents the "Horse" and it is destroying the city. The locks on the gates each represent a different Greek god on the Greek side of the Trojan war, symbolizing that the gates betrayed the city by letting the horse in. I have architectural entities floating in the sky as well, each one representing a Greek god on the Trojan side of the war as though they are lamenting the city. I have the whole thing crumble down into the ruins found today at the hypothetical site of the Trojan War. I also hid various messages in the drawing coded in a language that I created that combines my favorite mathematical sequence (the Fibonacci sequence) with sheet music.


Colored Pencil Drawings

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Fantastical Moments

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images. Ships, boss fights, a philosophy city...all of my own design.

Analog Models

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All the backgrounds were painted or drawn by me, and the animations were done either through me hand drawing each frame in ink and coloring it in Photoshop, or drawing it digitally in Photoshop.

The Ritan Series

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images. I was inspired by the charming drawing "House for Rita" by Leon Krier, that he drew for his wife. I decided to take the same little island from his drawing and explore other possibilities for it. I colored each piece digitally, through Photoshop, after hand drawing the pieces freehand.

Pastel Drawings

Miscellaneous Drawings

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images. Drawings of spaces, places, and things that spark my interest.

Rhino Models

Center for Urban Agriculture design

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images. Drawn with pen and colored pencil. My second year architecture studio project: We had to design a Center for Urban Agriculture for the neighborhood of Homewood in Pittsburgh. I tried to create something that answers a longing for adventure and discovery that everybody has, particularly children. I wanted to create something enchanting, an escape from reality into a fantasy world of beautiful gardens and whimsical little buildings scattered about. This is a storybook-like space where nature and color transport a person to the type of place they wish existed when they read fairytales as a kid.

Materials and Assembly Drawings

For the Wood Framing assignment for my Materials and Assembly class, we were tasked with looking at a series of construction images of the Lightbox House by the firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, and figuring out the wooden framing for it from those pictures. I modeled the house in Rhino, and created the drawings in Illustrator.